Redo Group

Set up in 2000, REDO GROUP gained its notoriety through innovation, quality and service, becoming soon one of the leading provider of equipment and lighting solutions. REDO GROUP offers a wide range of products which includes over 2000 articles designed to highlight the personality and style both in inner and outer spaces.

In the effort to provide the ideal lighting solution for each project and application, REDO GROUP is constantly working to expand and improve the unique and wide selection of quality lighting fixtures, which presently includes:

  • - Decorative lighting fixtures (chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps);
  • - Spotlights;
  • - Lighting fixtures for children;
  • - Bathroom lighting fixtures;
  • - Recessed downlights;
  • - Garden and outdoor lighting fixtures;
  • - LED lighting fixtures;

Whatever your requirements for lighting a room are, we always offer solutions that integrate valuable products and an excellent value for money.

REDO GROUP thinks about the future and therefore it uses only the highest quality materials and it manages the resources in a responsible way. Our products are guaranteed in terms of performance and they comply with the European Norms in the matter of electrical safety, environmental and energy saving area.